Candid. Classic. Creative.

At Images Photography, we strive to meet the needs of those who insist on the very best for their personal event. We respect the importance of your day, whether it is a casual family setting or the emotional and everlasting experience of a wedding day.

Our goal is to capture the images that will tell countless stories with sincerity and soul while providing a lifetime of enjoyable memories.

Images Photography and Heidi Maria Faul
Images Photography was built on the passions of three generations of photographers from John Faul Sr., John Faul Jr. and Heidi Faul.

John Sr. started the Leica Studio in the 1950's after arriving from Germany. In 1966 John Jr. took over and changed the name to Images Photography. His success led him to a career teaching Photo Journalism at Conestoga College.

Heidi could not resist the intrigue of the profession and took over ownership of Images Photography in 1997 after assisting John Jr. for over 5 years.

Photography has been a love of Heidi since she was a young child, capturing pictures of flowers in the back yard. She spent most of her child hood working as her father's more