Our children grow up to quickly don’t let there innocents pass you by. At Images Photography we will capture their laughter so you can keep the memories forever.

Details of Session
Having pictures taken can be a stressful time for children. My clients are pleasantly surprised by how different their session can be with us. A typical session will take 30 minutes, but every session and child is different. Before starting the shoot we like to take time to get to know your children. This will help everyone feel more relaxed during the session. We will try to capture a range of expressions and emotions so parents are encouraged to interact with their children and help bring out their unique personality. We also encourage parents to bring a special toy or blanket with them for some added security. If your child is older and into dance or sports, you are more then welcome to bring something that reflects who they are.

Simple clothing is the best when photographing your children. This makes sure that the focus is on the subject and not their clothing. Try to avoid very bright colours, wording, logos or busy patterns. Timeless styles are recommended, for girls a simple white dress looks adorable. If you have a favourite fancy outfit, we recommend wearing this for part of your session and changing into a more casual outfit for the remainder.

We are location photographers, we can meet you anywhere. We can capture your children’s candid moments at their favourite park, on the play ground or even in your own backyard. We primarily use natural light so the time of your session will be dependant on the location. Images photography also has many locations as favourite.

Please give us a call at 519-662-3063 or email us for children pricing details.